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A new era of rocket recovery in the far north; Ned Rozell. #2063; 5/12/11

Alaska dune yields oldest human remains of far north; Ned Rozell. #2053; 3/3/11

Notes from AGU's 2010 Fall Meeting; Ned Rozell. #2047; 1/21/11

Pondering the future of Alaska landscapes; Ned Rozell. #2031; 9/30/10

Cellphones as citizen-science tools; Ned Rozell. #2028; 9/9/10

Baghdad air not good; Arctic Ocean cooling in places; Ned Rozell. #1986; 11/17/09

Permafrost near the equator; hummingbirds near the subarctic; Ned Rozell. #1985; 11/11/09

Drilling for permafrost on Mount Kilimanjaro; Ned Rozell. #1976; 9/9/09

Above-average fire year follows lean years; Ned Rozell. #1970; 7/27/09

Cooler decades ahead, researcher says; Ned Rozell. #1961; 5/28/09

More Alaska news from a gathering of scientists; Ned Rozell. #1943; 1/21/09

More talk of warming world in San Francicso; Ned Rozell. #1939; 12/22/08

Vitamin D, salmon, wildfires, and sheep that eat dirt; Ned Rozell. #1936; 12/03/08

Bad desert air and glacier that licks a river; Ned Rozell. #1903; 4/16/08

The Climate of Alaska hits bookstores; Ned Rozell. #1894; 2/14/08

Lessons learned on an Arctic journey; Ned Rozell. #1879; 10/31/07

What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic; Ned Rozell. #1859; 6/13/07

Alaska scientist uses isotopes to trace marijuana; Ned Rozell. #1854; 5/9/07

Scientific jouneys move smoothly across the North; Ned Rozell. #1849; 4/5/07

Scientists aim at offering climate services; Ned Rozell. #1844; 2/28/07

Alaska a hot topic in San Francisco; Ned Rozell. #1837; 1/10/07

Weather Stations for Seward Peninsula schools part of grant program; Ned Rozell. #1811; 07/12/06

Fairbanks scientists wired into erupting Augustine: Ned Rozell. #1786; 01/19/06

Volcanes, permafrost, earthquakes shape Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1785; 01/12/06

2005 fire season again oddly large: Ned Rozell. #1784; 01/05/06

The physics of life at forty below: Ned Rozell. #1783; 12/28/05

Even more Alaska news from San Francisco: Ned Rozell. #1782; 12/21/05

More Alaska news from San Francisco: Ned Rozell. #1781; 12/14/05

Alaska a hot topic in San Francisco: Ned Rozell. #1780; 12/08/05

Alaska food travels worldly distances: Ned Rozell. #1779; 12/01/05

The world according to a dog's nose: Ned Rozell. #1778; 11/24/05

Gold opened Alaska; but what is it good for?: Ned Rozell. #1777; 11/17/05

Ancient clues from a frozen forest: Ned Rozell. #1776; 11/10/05

Bird brains stay alert while ducks sleep: Ned Rozell. #1775; 11/3/05

No hurricanes in Alaska, but. . .: Ned Rozell. #1774; 10/27/05

A fern grows in the Arctic Ocean: Ned Rozell. #1773; 10/20/05

Villager's remains lead to 1918 flu breakthrough: Ned Rozell. #1772; 10/13/05

Alaska's Deep Impact on the North Slope: Ned Rozell. #1771; 10/06/05

A century of agriculture in Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1770; 09/29/05

If a mountain fell in the Alaska wilderness: Ned Rozell. #1769; 09/22/05

Early death may benefit bear-pressured salmon: Ned Rozell. #1768; 09/015/05

Digging for clues on the Denali Fault: Ned Rozell. #1767; 09/08/05

Contemplating a warmer Arctic: Ned Rozell. #1766; 09/01/05

Taking a walk through time: Ned Rozell. #1765; 08/25/05

Floating school on a warmer Arctic Ocean: Ned Rozell. #1764; 08/18/05

Bits and pieces from the desktop: Ned Rozell. #1763; 08/11/05

Alaska seabird makes its own bug spray: Ned Rozell. #1762; 08/04/05

Northern woods filled with potential drug: Ned Rozell. #1761; 07/28/05

A New Idea About Orderly Arctic Lakes: Ned Rozell. #1760; 07/21/05

The thin line between Alaska and Canada: Ned Rozell. #1759; 07/14/05

The muskox's odyssey: from Greenland to Alaska, via New Jersey: Ned Rozell. #1758; 06/23/05.

Oil spill persists for nearly 30 years Alaska yellow-cedar as mosquito repellant?: Ned Rozell. #1757; 06/23/05.

Oil spill persists for nearly 30 years: Ned Rozell. #1756; 06/23/05.

Alaska shrews getting larger because they're warmer?: Ned Rozell. #1755; 06/16/05.

Warm Atlantic water heads north: Ned Rozell. #1754; 06/09/05.

From San Francisco, the latest news of the world: Ned Rozell. #1730; 12/23/04.

Growing California Glaciers and Carbon Calculations: Ned Rozell. #1678; 12/25/03.

The Latest Alaska News, From San Francisco: Ned Rozell. #1677; 12/18/03.

To Build an Intelligent Machine: Ned Rozell. #1647; 05/22/03.

Separating Science Fact from Science Fiction: Ned Rozell. #1431; 03/10/99.

New Radar Map and Spy Satellites Expose Antarctica: Ned Rozell. #1402; 08/19/98.

Hairy Solution for Crude Oil Spills: Ned Rozell. #1401; 08/12/98.

Dirty Detecting: Carla Helfferich. #1365; 11/26/97.

Why All the Harping about HAARP?: Ned Rozell. #1340; 06/05/97.

Satellite Reflectors Out Standing in Delta Fields: Ned Rozell. #1333; 04/17/97.

Harnessing the Energy of Arctic Air and Water: Ned Rozell. #1327; 03/06/97.

Making the Most of Arrowtooth Flounder: Ned Rozell. #1296; 07/31/96.

The Boeing 777 Does More with Less: Ned Rozell. #1286; 05/23/96.

Clever Marking System Separates Wild from Ranched Salmon: Ned Rozell. #1254; 09/28/95.

Brain Drain Saps Former Soviet Union of Scientists: Ned Rozell. #1238; 06/08/95.

Giant Magnet Keeps Bulbs Burning Bright: Ned Rozell. #1222; 02/16/95.

Sniffing Out Sulfur Dioxide: Ned Rozell. #1212; 12/01/94.

Hunting Sky Sprites: Ned Rozell. #1209; 11/10/94.

Better Bacon through Technology: Carla Helfferich. #1171; 02/17/94.

A Tale of Some Tentative Submariners: Carla Helfferich. #1159; 11/10/93.

Washcloths for the World's Oceans: Carla Helfferich. #1147; 08/18/93.

Bothering a Sleeping Bear: Carla Helfferich. #1091; 07/08/92.

The Dreaded L Word: Carla Helfferich. #1083; 05/13/92.

Virtually Real Science: Carla Helfferich. #1079; 04/22/92.

Propulsion and Paradigms: Carla Helfferich. #1076; 04/01/92.

The Shirt off a Crab's Back: Carla Helfferich. #1075; 03/25/92.

Surprising Benefits from Bad Biters: Carla Helfferich. #1071; 2/26/92.

The Bounce of Buckyballs: Carla Helfferich. #1065; 01/15/92.

The Greening of Japanese Technology: Carla Helfferich. #1028; 5/1/91.

The Someday Energy Barons: Carla Helfferich. #1027; 04/24/91.

Strike Up the Bandwidth: Carla Helfferich. #1026; 4/17/91.

Drop That Swatter--It's a Robot: Carla Helfferich. #982; 06/13/90.

Computers Help Plan Fire Management: Sue Mitchell. #963; 01/31/90.

How Fast Can a Bullet Go?: Larry Gedney. #940; 08/23/89.

No Better Bacteria: Carla Helfferich. #933; 07/05/89.

Better Seafood through Chemistry: W. E. Barber. #921; 4/12/89.

Fighting Fire with Soap: Alaska Experiments with Foam: Sue Mitchell. #914; 02/22/89.

A Glitch in the Supercollider Plan: Carla Helfferich. #909; 01/18/89.

Subsea Sheepdog Rounds Up the Facts: Carla Helfferich. #907; 01/04/89.

Souping Up Alaska's Coal: Carla Helfferich. #899; 11/9/88.

Synthetic Aperature Radar (SAR): Carla Helfferich. #891; 09/14/88.