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Journey into the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; Ned Rozell. #2071; 7/1/11

Augustine Volcano as tsunami generator; Ned Rozell. #2014; 6/1/10

Journey into the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; Ned Rozell. #1983; 10/28/09

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The loneliest volcano in Alaska; Ned Rozell. #1951; 3/18/09

Volcanologists step on familiar but different ground; Ned Rozell. #1924; 9/10/08

Tiny Aleutian island has big impact; Ned Rozell. #1920; 8/13/08

Twenty years of the Alaska Volcano Observatory; Ned Rozell. #1904; 4/23/08

Super eruptions are disasters like none other; Ned Rozell. #1857; 5/30/07

Augustine volcano as tsunami generator; Ned Rozell. #1840; 1/31/07

Fairbanks scientists wired into erupting Augustine: Ned Rozell. #1786; 01/19/06

Volcanes, permafrost, earthquakes shape Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1785; 01/12/06

Alaska a hot topic in San Francisco: Ned Rozell. #1780; 12/08/05

Current volcano monitoring has gaps: Ned Rozell. #1752; 05/26/05.

Sumatra earthquake shakes up Alaska volcano: Ned Rozell. #1736; 02/03/05.

Alaska Volcano Pops to Attention: Ned Rozell. #1660; 08/21/03.

Golden Anniversary of Anchorage's First Blackout: Ned Rozell. #1652; 06/23/03.

Eruption Clues from a Humming Volcano: Ned Rozell. #1580; 02/07/02.

Okmok Volcano on the Rise in the Aleutians: Ned Rozell. #1557; 08/30/01.

The Sudden Disappearance of Mount Katmai: Ned Rozell. # 1551; 07/16/01.

Journey into the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes: Ned Rozell. #1550; 07/12/01.

Japan's Unzen Volcano is Volcanic Mystery: Ned Rozell. #1527; 01/31/01.

Far-flung Volcanoes Share Eruption Patterns: Ned Rozell. #1524; 01/10/01.

The Mystery of the Denali Gap: Ned Rozell. #1477; 02/09/00.

The Season of the Alaska Volcano: Ned Rozell. #1415; 11/18/98.

Pondering the Mysteries of the Aleutian Arc: Ned Rozell. #1405; 09/09/98.

A Sleeping Giant Stirs; What's Next for Mount Iliamna: Ned Rozell. #1300; 08/28/96.

Listening to the Heartbeat of Alaska's Volcanoes: Ned Rozell. #1228; 03/30/95.

Sneaky Mount Spurr: Carla Helfferich. #1197; 08/11/94.

An Alaskan Trigger for the Last Ice Age: Carla Helfferich. #1140; 06/30/93.

Sandwort, Seabirds, and Surtsey: Carla Helfferich. #1132; 05/05/93.

Dirt in the Greenhouse: Carla Helfferich. #1042; 08/07/91.

Sticking One's Neck out for Science: Carla Helfferich. #957; 12/19/89.

Of Volcanoes and Boiling Water: Sue Ann Bowling. #876; 06/06/88.

Tsunamis and Volcanoes: Juergen Kienle. #831; 07/27/87.

Don't Poke into Underground Volcano Chambers: Larry Gedney. #801; 12/29/86.

Mount St. Augustine Volcano Generating Fiery Avalanches: Juergen Kienle. #786; 09/22/86.

Earth's Deadly Breath: A Scientific Mystery: Larry Gedney. #785; 09/15/86.

Augustine Volcano is Behaving like a Percolator: Larry Gedney. #768; 05/12/86.

Augustine Volcano Watch: Larry Gedney. #764; 04/14/86.

Volcanic Hazards in Alaska: Larry Gedney. #749; 12/30/85.

A Different Kind of Volcano: Larry Gedney. #738; 10/14/85.

Years Without Summers: Larry Gedney. #726; 07/22/85.

Maar or Meteorite Crater?: Larry Gedney. #678; 08/31/84.

Volcanic Ash: A Naturally Occuring Aviation Hazard: Larry Gedney. #651; 03/08/84.

Less Sunlight for Alaska as a Result of Mexican Volcanic Eruption: Gerd Wendler and Larry Gedney. #635; 11/21/83.

Bogoslof Volcanoes: T. Neil Davis. #510; 10/26/81.

Keep Your Eye on Mt. St. Helens' Ash: Glenn Shaw. #403; 06/06/80.

Nuees Ardentes: T. Neil Davis. #390; 04/10/80.

Mount St. Helens Eruption: T. Neil Davis. #387; 04/03/80.

Volcano Spacing: T. Neil Davis. #310; 06/18/79.

The Savonoski Problem: T. Neil Davis. #250; 09/01/78.

Tolsona Mud Volcanoes: T. Neil Davis. #249; 08/11/78.

Espenberg Maars: T. Neil Davis. #245; 11/13/79.

Maar Formation: T. Neil Davis. #163; 05/09/77.

Mt. Wrangell Volcano Heats Up: T. Neil Davis. #133; 12/01/76.

Volcano Versus Snow Machine--Volcano Wins: T. Neil Davis. #120; 09/26/76.

Alaska Dirt Moves South for the Winter: T. Neil Davis. #111; 09/18/76.

1816, Year Without Summer: T. Neil Davis. #98; 07/07/76.

The Eruption of Katmai: W. R. Hunt. #77; 05/19/76.

Augustine Volcano's History: T. Neil Davis. #8; 03/08/76.

Predictions for Augustine Volcano: T. Neil Davis. #4; 03/09/76.

Augustine Volcano: T. Neil Davis. #1; 10/21/77.

To see pictures of active volcanoes in Hawaii, see the Geophysical Institute Quarterly, Volume 13, #2-4, 1995.