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Lone wolf goes the distance; Ned Rozell. #2079; 8/31/11
A high-country Eden for sockeye salmon; Ned Rozell. #2076; 8/12/11
Buzzed by the same bird? Ned Rozell. #2072; 7/14/11
Alaska summer is short for the alder flycatcher; Ned Rozell. #2070; 6/28/11
Ravens roosting in Dumpster Central; Ned Rozell. #2051; 2/16/11
Finding a midwinter night's roost; Ned Rozell. #2044; 12/27/10
Rabbits and marmots as island invaders;Ned Rozell. #2040; 11/30/10
Discovering the secrets of the master divers; Ned Rozell. #2035; 10/26/10
Wandering whitefish surprise biologists; Ned Rozell. #2034; 10/21/10
Autumn waters north of Barrow heavy with whales; Ned Rozell. #2030; 9/22/10
Polar bears of the past survived warmth; Ned Rozell. #2018; 6/29/10
The missing polar bears of St. Matthews Island; Ned Rozell. #2015; 5/8/10
Secretive seabirds found nesting in Aleatian;Ned Rozell. #2012; 5/20/10
Birds blazing an electronic trail north during spring migration; Ned Rozell. #2007; 4/14/10
Gulls love garbage; pikas love cold; Ned Rozell. #2003; 3/18/10
Ground squirrel tells of a different Alaska;Ned Rozell. #2001; 3/4/10
Bitter weather may have wiped out reindeer; Ned Rozell. #1993; 1/7/10
Bulls believe bigger is better; Ned Rozell. #1992; 12/29/10
The flight of the Kanuti whimbrel; Ned Rozell. #1968; 7/15/09

Newborn moose calves fight very slim odds;Ned Rozell. #1967; 7/8/09

Of voles, bats, caribou, and the mammal with the big brain; Ned Rozell. #1966; 7/1/09

Renowned raven researcher visits Alaska;Ned Rozell. #1958; 5/06/09

White creatures changing with the season; Ned Rozell. #1955; 4/13/09

The life and times of snowshoe hares; Ned Rozell. #1950; 3/10/09

Invasion of the redlegged frogs; Ned Rozell. #1949; 3/05/09

Why don't hibernating bears get osteoporosis?; Ned Rozell. #1946; 2/10/09

Don't forget the giants, researcher says; Ned Rozell. #1937; 12/10/08

See you in Saskatchewan, said the swan; Ned Rozell. #1932; 11/04/08

Why do snowshoe hares eat dirt?; Ned Rozell. #1931; 10/29/08

Free fish become data for college degree; Ned Rozell. #1929; 10/15/08

Where are the Alaska bats right now?; Ned Rozell. #1928; 10/8/08

Should birds stay, or should they go?; Ned Rozell. #1922; 8/27/08

Rat Island may be due for a name change; Ned Rozell. #1921; 8/20/08

The singing sparrows of Shishmaref; Ned Rozell. #1905; 4/30/08

The latest word on Alaska birds; Ned Rozell. #1902; 4/9/08

Alaska marmots trump reality TV; Ned Rozell. #1891; 1/23/08

Bar-tailed godwit goes the distance; Ned Rozell. #1876; 10/10/07

When biologists stocked Alaska with wolves; Ned Rozell. #1874; 9/26/07

You can fool some of the ravens some of the time; Ned Rozell. #1870; 8/29/07

Mystery wolf didn't survive in Alaska; Ned Rozell. #1868; 8/15/07

The mystery of 53 dead caribou in the Alaska Range; Ned Rozell. #1856; 5/23/07

A day in the life of a spring black bear; Ned Rozell. #1850; 4/11/07

News of Alaska animals—large and small; Ned Rozell. #1848; 3/28/07

American dipper swims throughout Alaska winters; Ned Rozell. #1832; 12/06/06

Biological clock turned back in western Aleutians; Ned Rozell. #1830; 11/22/06

Reports of frog's death were greatly exaggerated; Ned Rozell. #1829; 11/15/06

Formation flying makes migration less of a drag; Ned Rozell. #1818; 08/30/06

North slope ravens force researcher to go incognito; Ned Rozell. #1808; 06/21/06

Fat the only fuel for migrating salmon; Ned Rozell. #1800; 04/26/06

Alaska wood frogs hopping in mystery; Ned Rozell. #1798; 04/12/06

Why did the vole climb the tree?; Ned Rozell. #1788; 01/31/06

Bird brains stay alert while ducks sleep: Ned Rozell. #1775; 11/3/05

Early death may benefit bear-pressured salmon: Ned Rozell. #1768; 09/015/05

Bits and pieces from the desktop: Ned Rozell. #1763; 08/11/05

Alaska seabird makes its own bug spray: Ned Rozell. #1762; 08/04/05

The Muskox's Odyssey: From Greenland to Alaska, via New Jersey: Ned Rozell. #1758; 06/30/05

Alaska Shrews Getting Larger because they're Warmer?: Ned Rozell. #1755; 06/16/05

Arctic foxes made Aleutians less green: Ned Rozell. #1750; 05/12/05.

Glacier Bay hot real estate for sea otters: Ned Rozell. #1743; 03/24/05.

The bar-tailed godwit's nonstop to New Zealand: Ned Rozell. #1742; 03/17/05.

Snow-white songbird unique to the far north: Ned Rozell. #1740; 03/03/05.

Why is a moose's nose so big?: Ned Rozell. #1722; 10/28/04.

Salmon nose deep into Alaska ecosystems: Ned Rozell. #1721; 10/21/04.

Migrating Alaska sparrows perform despite lack of sleep: Ned Rozell. #1720; 10/14/04.

Searching for a solution to fish-snatching whales: Ned Rozell. #1718; 09/23/04.

Aleutian Canada goose comeback continues: Ned Rozell. #1706; 07/08/04.

Ptarmigan pioneers island-hop in Aleutians: Ned Rozell. #1705; 07/01/04.

Rats and birds clash on volcanic island: Ned Rozell. #1704; 06/24/04.

Are ravens responsible for wolf packs: Ned Rozell. #1702; 06/10/04.

Killer whale calls altered by whale-watching boats: Ned Rozell. #1701; 06/03/04.

Alaska's fish are clean, according to study: Ned Rozell. #1699; 05/20/04.

Whalers may have triggered killer whale diet shift: Ned Rozell. #1693; 04/08/04.

Alaska chickadees outsmart their Colorado cousins: Ned Rozell. #1690; 03/18/04.

Polar Bears at Risk in a Changing Arctic: Ned Rozell. #1687; 02/26/04.

When Biologists Stocked Alaska with Wolves: Ned Rozell. #1684; 02/05/04.

When Reindeer Paradise Turned to Purgatory: Ned Rozell. #1672; 11/13/03.

The Mystery of the Broken Moose Teeth: Ned Rozell. #1669; 10/23/03

The Life and Times of Fred the Red Salmon: Ned Rozell. #1656; 07/24/03

A Chickadee's Midwinter Night's Roost: Ned Rozell. #1641; 04/10/03

The Secret Life of Red Squirrels: Ned Rozell. #1638; 03/20/03

Red Squirrels Shows Signs of Adapting to Climate Change: Ned Rozell. #1637; 03/13/03

Migrating With the Golden Eagles of Denali: Ned Rozell. #1629; 01/16/03

Biology and Politics Meet in ANWR Debate: Ned Rozell. #1597; 06/06/02

Surrounded by Wings and Feathers on the Copper River Delta, Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1594; 05/16/03.

Ancient Salmon Tell Tales of Change in Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1592; 05/02/02.

Of Long-Distance Travel and Lynx: Ned Rozell. #1589; 04/11/02.

A Day in the Life of a Spring Black Bear: Ned Rozell. #1585; 03/14/02.

Moose as Ecosystem Engineers: Ned Rozell. #1584; 03/07/02.

Tangerine-scented Birds may Repel Bugs, Attract Mates: Ned Rozell. #1571; 12/05/01.

Migrants, Vagrants, and New World Explorers: Ned Rozell. #1569; 11/20/01.

Northeast wind favors Bristol Bay crabs: Ned Rozell. #1565; 10/25/01.

The Muskox Odyssey: From Greenland to Alaska, via New Jersey: Ned Rozell. #1548; 06/28/01.

Far North Grizzlies Develop Taste for Muskoxen: Ned Rozell. #1547; 06/21/01.

Birding Marathoners Pedal into Spring Migration: Ned Rozell. #1543; 05/23/03.

Alaska Summer is Short for the Alder Flycatcher: Ned Rozell. #1539; 4/26/01.

Reindeer Herder Fights an Uphill Battle with Caribou: Ned Rozell. #1537; 4/12/01.

Caribou Threaten Reindeer Herders' Way of Life: Ned Rozell. # 1536; 4/5/01.

Bowhead Whales May Be the World's Oldest Mammals: Ned Rozell. #1529; 2/15/01.

Of Moose, Ravens, and Memories of Sharp Teeth: Ned Rozell. #1512; 10/19/00.

The Rednecked Phalarope Breaks Bird Stereotypes: Ned Rozell. #1511; 10/12/00.

The Unique Voices of Seals: Carla Helfferich. #1507; 09/14/00.

The Season of Fallen Fledglings: Ned Rozell. #1499; 07/20/00.

Meeting the Trapper's Bread and Butter: Ned Rozell. #1494; 06/15/00.

The Bird Egg Season in Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1488; 05/04/00.

Deformed Chickadees Baffle Bird Experts: Ned Rozell. #1483; 03/31/00.

When a Young Chickadee's Fancy Turns to Love: Ned Rozell. #1482; 03/22/00.

Bulls Believe Bigger is Better: Ned Rozell. #1464; 11/03/99.

Mercury Found in Fish of Southwest Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1462; 10/21/99.

Alaska Bison Find Home on the Range: Ned Rozell. #1451; 07/29/99.

Moose and the Big City: Ned Rozell. #1450; 07/21/99.

Bears and the Big City: Ned Rozell. #1449; 07/14/99.

Bird-Brains Stay Alert While Ducks Sleep: Ned Rozell. #1448; 07/07/99.

On the Track of the Wolverine: Ned Rozell. #1436; 04/13/99.

The Raven's Game of Hide and Seek: Ned Rozell. #1426; 02/03/99.

Carpet of Caribou Droppings Holds Clues to Past: Ned Rozell. #1423; 01/13/99.

Caribou Find the Green in a Warming Arctic: Ned Rozell. #1421; 12/30/98.

Killer Whales Develop a Taste for Sea Otters: Ned Rozell. #1418; 12/10/98.

Urban Canada Geese Choose Summer in the City: Ned Rozell. #1408; 09/30/98.

George and the Junk-food Hypothesis: Carla Helfferich. #1407; 09/23/98.

The Loneliest Sockeye Salmon in the World: Ned Rozell. #1406; 09/16/98.

Oil-fed Otters May Provide Clues to Spill Damage: Ned Rozell. #1398; 07/22/98.

Newborn Moose Calves Fight Very Slim Odds:Ned Rozell. #1395; 07/01/98.

Spawning Salmon Carry Unwanted Guests to Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1391; 06/03/98.

Debunking the Myth of Polar Bear Hair: Ned Rozell. #1390; 05/28/98. #1746; 04/14/05.

Secrets of a Black Bear's Half-year Hideaway: Ned Rozell. #1389; 05/21/98.

Bulls are from Mars; Cows are from Venus: Ned Rozell. #1387; 05/05/98.

Alaska Chickadees Stick to What They Know: Ned Rozell. #1384; 04/14/98.

Springtime in the Jungle---the Gulf of Alaska: Ned Rozell. #1382; 04/01/98.

Reconstructing the Life of an Extinct Bear: Ned Rozell. #1380; 03/18/98.

The El Nino of the North and Salmon: Ned Rozell. #1379; 03/09/98.

Of Ground Squirrels, Vitamin C, and Stroke: Ned Rozell. #1378; 03/03/98.

Winter Ways of the White-Winged Crossbill: Ned Rozell. #1371; 01/14/98.

Build It, and the Birds Will Come: Carla Helfferich. #1369; 12/24/97.

Eight Tiny What?: Carla Helfferich. #1368; 12/17/97.

Of Conferences and Surprising Carnivores: Carla Helfferich. #1356; 09/25/97.

Farthest North Grizzlies Among Alaska's Most Adaptable: Ned Rozell. #1350; 08/14/97.

Inside the Gray Matter of Arctic Grayling: Ned Rozell. #1339; 05/28/97.

A Day in the Life of a Spring Black Bear: Ned Rozell. #1332; 04/10/97.

Navigational Aids of the Returning Snowbirds: Ned Rozell. #1328; 03/13/97.

Reports of Frog's Death are Greatly Exaggerated: Ned Rozell. #1316; 12/18/96.

The Brown Bear: Father of the Polar Bear?: Ned Rozell. #1314; 12/05/96.

Moose in Winter: Alaska's Half-Ton Road Hazard: Ned Rozell. #1313; 11/27/96.

The Naming of the Shrew: Ned Rozell. #1312; 11/21/96.

Hang Gliders of the Alaska Night: Northern Flying Squirrels: Ned Rozell. #1306; #1553; 10/09/96

A Balmy or Biting Winter Ahead: Ask the Bears: Ned Rozell. #1303; #1506; 08/18/96.

Looking for a Few Good Wood Frogs: Ned Rozell. #1297; 8/7/96.

Looking at Salmon Runs in the Days of Columbus: Ned Rozell. #1294; 07/18/96

Songbirds Not Always Singing a Happy Tune: Ned Rozell. #1287; 05/30/96.

From Dumpster to Roost---The Raven's Winter Commute: Ned Rozell. #1265; 12/14/95.

Brainy Chickadees Shun 'Snowbird' Label: Ned Rozell. #1258; 10/26/95.

Formation Flying makes Migrain less of a Drag: Ned Rozell. #1248; 08/17/95.

Pepper Spray Works, But Don't Bet Your Life On It: Ned Rozell. #1245; 07/27/95.

The Art of Caribou Management: Ned Rozell. #1242; 07/06/95.

Wood Frogs: The Farthest North Amphibian Cannibals: Ned Rozell. #1236; 05/25/95.

When Predators Become Dinner: Ned Rozell. #1226; 03/16/9.

Bats in the Belfry: Carla Helfferich. #1207; 10/25/94.

Warblers at the Breakfast Table---in Spirit: Carla Helfferich. #1201; 09/15/94.

Southeastern's Grizzled Pioneers: Carla Helfferich. #1200;09/09/94.

More than a Hatrack: Carla Helfferich. #1194; 07/28/94.

Weasels Afloat: Carla Helfferich. #1193; 07/21/94.

Musings on the Excellence of Ursine Public Relations: Carla Helfferich. #1179; 04/14/94.

Innumerable Whales: Carla Helfferich. #1178; 04/07/94.

How Hares Cope with Winter: Carla Helfferich. #1175; 03/17/94.

The Song of the Rosy Walrus: Carla Helfferich. #1154; 10/06/93.

Wit on the Wing: Carla Helfferich. #1153; 09/29/93.

A Resort for Sea Turtles: Carla Helfferich. #1123; 03/03/93.

Hare Today, Squirrel Tomorrow: Carla Helfferich. #1121A; 02/10/93.

Lessons from the Caribou of Milne Point: Carla Helfferich. #1117; 01/13/93.

The Turkey and the Tambalacoque Tree: Carla Helfferich. #1110; 11/18/92.

Catastrophes and Charr: Carla Helfferich. #1109; 11/11/92.

A Switch on the Shell Game: Carla Helfferich. #1103; 09/30/92.

High-Powered Hummers: Carla Helfferich. #1092; 07/15/92.

A Biological Improbability: Carla Helfferich. #1072; 03/04/92.

Labrador's Barren-Ground Black Bears: Carla Helfferich. #1069; 2/12/92.

Driving Miners Batty: Carla Helfferich. #1067; 01/28/91.

Why Birds Fly Far South---or Not So Far: Carla Helfferich. #1053; 10/24/91.

Horns of a Dilemma: Carla Helfferich. #1048; 09/18/91.

Useful Fish Stories: Carla Helfferich. #1044; 08/21/91.

A Little Pike of Peculiar Habits: Carla Helfferich. #1025; 4/10/91.

Two Birds, One Plume: Carla Helfferich. #1021; 3/13/91.

East or West, Home is Best---for the Birds: Carla Helfferich. #1005; 11/21/90.

Smart Birdbrains: Carla Helfferich. #1003; 11/06/90.

Eagles Away: Carla Helfferich. #993; 08/29/90.

Jaws--With Filters: Carla Helfferich. #990; 08/08/90.

A Bear Footnote to Isotope Ratios: Carla Helfferich. #989; 08/01/90.

Spicy Solution for a Foxy Problem: Carla Helfferich. #979; 05/23/90.

The Great Sailing Bird: Carla Helfferich. #971; 03/29/90.

Studying the Invisible Blob: Carla Helfferich. #969; 03/14/90.

The Short Childhood of Ancient Murrelets: Carla Helfferich. #959; 01/03/90.

Notes on a Holiday Deer: Carla Helfferich. #955; 12/06/89.

Peculiarities of an Airborne Leafeater: Carla Helfferich. #951; 11/08/89.

Salmon, Isotopes and Fertile Lakes: Carla Helfferich. #945; 09/27/89.

Solely for the Halibut: W. E. Barber: #919; 03/29/89.

Moose Browse and Beaver Ponds: Carla Helfferich. #910; 01/25/89.

Ninety Years at Forty Below: Carla Helfferich. #902; 11/30/88.

The Twists in the Narwhal's Horn: Carla Helfferich. #895; 10/15/88.

Cheetas and Soybeans: Sue Ann Bowling. #856; 01/18/88.

"Ringstreaked, Speckled, and Spotted" : Sue Ann Bowling. #846; 11/09/87

Counting our Wildlife: Cathy Harms. #833; 08/10/87.

Why Does a Walrus Blush? : Kathy Turco. #830; 07/20/87

Black Polar Bears: Larry Gedney. #799; 12/15/86.

Whales have the Ultimate Long-Distance Connection: Larry Gedney. #794; 11/10/86.

Identifying a New Population of Aleutian Geese: Larry Gedney. #721; 06/24/85.

Do Salmon Navigate by the Earth's Magnetic Field?: Larry Gedney. #691; 11/23/84.

Umpire is No Hawkeye: Larry Gedney. #669; 07/06/84.

Animals Intrigued with Scientific Field Sites: Larry Gedney. #663; 05/07/84.

When the Animals Sleep: Larry Gedney. #641; 01/02/84.

Wildlife Population Cycles: Larry Gedney. #621; 08/22/83.

Why Birds Fly in Vees: Larry Gedney. #559; 08/16/82.

Why Fish Don't Freeze in Arctic Oceans: Larry Gedney. #558; 08/09/82.

Jumping Grayling: T. Neil Davis. #519; 01/09/82.

Bird Navigation: T. Neil Davis. #512; 11/07/81.

Purpose of Porpoises' Porpoising: T. Neil Davis. #477; 03/24/81.

Foreign Cooperation in Fisheries: T. Neil Davis. #476; 02/20/81.

Fossil Food: Don Schell. #457; 01/12/81.

Reindeer and Caribou Populations: T. Neil Davis. #427; 09/15/80.

More on Magnetic Navigation: T. Neil Davis. #407; 06/30/80.

Plastic Pollution in North Pacific Seabirds: Bob Day. #388; 04/03/80.

Musk Ox Teeth: Poul Henrichsen. #384; 04/21/80.

Magnetic Navigation By Birds: T. Neil Davis. #345; 09/28/79.

Recovery of the Gray Whale: T. Neil Davis. #339; 09/07/79.

Musk Ox versus Man: T. Neil Davis. #319; 06/29/79.

Fish and Weather: T. Neil Davis. #289; 01/26/79.

Twice through a Rabbit: T. Neil Davis. #285; 02/02/79.

Alaska's European Rabbits: T. Neil Davis. #281; 01/29/79.

Salmon Sense of Smell: T. Neil Davis. #278; 01/05/79.

Wolf Rabies: T. Neil Davis. #256; 08/11/78.

Baleen: T. Neil Davis. #235; 06/28/78.

Grouse Sounds: T. Neil Davis. #213;05/16/78.

The Bowhead Whale: T. Neil Davis. #207; 12/12/77.

On Hibernation: T. Neil Davis. #205; 01/06/78.

More on Auroras and Birds: T. Neil Davis. #173; 06/27/77.

Auroras and Migrating Birds: T. Neil Davis. #170; 06/07/77.

Keeping Salmon Inside the 200-Mile Limit: T. Neil Davis. #157; 10/05/77.

Hibernation: H. Behrisch. #138; 11/30/76.

Reindeer Herding by Satellite: Tom George. #118; 09/27/76.

The Newborn Mammal and the Diving Seal: Hans Behrisch and Meredith Tallas. #37; 04/05/76.